A Taste of the Coast – Noosa Food and Wine Festival

Above view of the beach where the food and wine festival is in full swing

Celebrate great local food, wine and lifestyle this May at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival – world-renowned for it’s array of amazing culinary experiences it is a celebration of everything our fantastic region is known for.

This yearly event, landing between the 17th and the 20th of May, is one of the hallmarks of the foodie calendar along the east coast of Australia. There really is something for everyone at this event, with stalls, restaurants and parties to meet the needs of all but the pickiest critic.

Fifty winemakers from across the country have set up some of the most incredible and mind-blowing brunches, dinners, cocktail parties and food experience ever before seen on the sunshine coast with some of the best chefs we have to offer as a country at the helm. If you enjoy good food as much as I do then you’ll be chomping at the bit to sink your teeth in, so without any further adieu, here of some of my top picks for this spectacular weekend.

Drinking wine in Noosa Food and Wine Festival Atmosphere

An unmissable experience offered during the festival would have to be the “taste of the hinterland” – a guided trail of three of the Hinterland’s best boutique producers. Begin the trial at the organic Heirloom fruit and vegetable farm for morning tea, followed by a two- course meal under the canopy of one of the Kingsley Grove Estate’s fruit orchards. The trial accommodates plenty of time for additional tastings and tours of the grounds at both the Heirloom fruit and vegetable farm, and the Kingsley Grove Estate before finding it’s way to it’s final destination for tastings of a variety of locally sourced craft beers and wines for a refreshing end to the day.

A Plate of Food

The event I’m probably most excited for has to be the Long lunch on Hastings, hosted by Audi. This spectacular medley of amazing tastes and smells will entail a three-course lunch, prepared under the combined efforts of eight of the fantastic local restaurants. Amongst them are the stellar Cafe Le Monde, aromas, Locale and Noosa Beach house. Of course, not to leave you parched, each course is matched with a selection of King Valley wines. This limited event will only be held on the Saturday, so get in quick and grab a ticket to the best lunch you’ll ever experience.

Mates Drinking Wine

This was just a choice selection of an amazing array of events hosted by the Noosa Food and Wine festival this year. As you can probably tell, there is no shortage of breathtaking cuisine or mind blowing wines on offer.

Group of friends saying cheers

For more information on everything on offer over the four days, visit the website.




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