Sunshine Coast in focus – Maroochydore

Maroochydore has long been a central hub for both business and leisure on the Sunshine Coast. With many drawcards for locals and travellers alike and a thriving commercial community, Maroochydore has something for everybody. It is this all-round relevance to coastal life that makes Maroochydore one of the Sunshine Coast’s most sought-after suburbs, with new developments in the area only increasing the appeal for new Coast residents and long-time Coast locals.


In this issue of Sunshine Coast in Focus, we explore just what it is that makes Maroochydore a unique and in-demand location.

What’s new

Recent development in Maroochydore has seen the introduction of some high-quality residential additions to the suburb, as well as a new shopping precinct on a scale unlike any other of its kind on the Coast.

Maroochydore’s newest and most impressive residential project to date, Sunshine Cove, is nestled in a beautiful riverside area just off Maroochy Boulevard. This new development is proving a major drawcard to the area, with an emerging urban style of living that is environmentally and ecologically focused whilst promoting a community-minded lifestyle. A truly incomparable master-planned development, Sunshine Cove is a must-see for those considering a move to Maroochydore.

Also new to the area is the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre. This new shopping precinct brings the biggest and brightest of brands and retailers to Maroochydore, providing Sunshine Coast Shoppers with quality and convenience in a location at the centre of the coast. It’s easy accessibility and proximity to other popular shopping areas means that even more shoppers are choosing to visit Maroochydore as the most convenient way to get all their household, electrical and outdoor furniture needs in one place.


Harvey Norman was one of the first stores to open in the new Maroochydore Home Makers Centre.

The Classics

Aside from the newest additions to the suburb, Maroochydore holds many other drawcards which keeps bring tourists, residents, professionals and other Coast locals from far and wide to its centre.

Sunshine Plaza remains the preferred shopping centre of choice for most of the Sunshine Coast, with a huge array of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, and the ever-popular Maroochydore Cinema.

The Maroochydore beach is a popular location for travellers and locals to pass a hot summer’s day, and is a great spot for surfers of all abilities. The Maroochy River is also a constant source of entertainment for those who enjoy water sports, fishing, or dining along the many riverside restaurants on offer.

Real Estate Overview

The most recent available median house price in Maroochydore, courtesy of, is $370,000 and the median price for units is at $291, 000. Throughout the year, unit prices have remained reasonably steady, while house prices experienced a drop in April, a spike in September, and now seem to be trending slightly downward. Both house and unit prices are higher than they were a decade ago in 2003, but are trending downward again from their peak in 2010.

On examining supply and demand graphs for the last calendar year, Maroochydore, for the most part, has a higher supply of housing than demand for it, with the exception of around February and September 2012, at which points demand peaks for the year and almost reaches supply.

With affordable properties and ample supply of housing and real estate Maroochydore often appears in the top 10 suburbs for highest number of sales. A Maroochydore address is the perfect way to encompass all your needs and a well balanced lifestyle, with so much on offer for work, rest and play. If you’re thinking about moving, just want to browse the market or simply want the perfect, central spot to holiday, don’t look past the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore.

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