Summer Loving – Kayaking on the Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for things to do on the Sunshine Coast, you might want to consider one of its most popular water-bound pastimes, Kayaking. A sport that allows you to make the most of the sun and the water, Kayaking is a great all-round option when it comes to activities on the Sunshine Coast.

Kayaking on Sunshine Coast

From exercise, to sightseeing, to nature watching, Kayaking is a great way to explore the hidden beauty around the Coast and its waterways. So why no hire yourself a kayak for the day and check out some of the best spots that the Coast has to offer.

Noosa Everglades

noosa-evergladesA kayak through the Noosa Everglades is one of the most serene and beautiful experiences the waters of the Sunshine Coast have to offer. The still waters are often clear and always peaceful, winding through the wild natural landscape allowing paddlers to get up close and personal with all the native flora and fauna that make South East Queensland so unique.

Amongst the chorus of cicadas and leaping fish breaking the crystal-like waters all around, the everglades offer a truly stunning view of Noosa and its surrounds like none other.

Old Woman Island

kayaking-old-woman-islandIf you prefer a little ocean spray on your kayaking trips, consider paddling over to Old Woman Island from Mudjimba beach. Once you’re through the waves it’s usually a gentle paddle over, but makes for a fun trip on windy days if you’re a little more confident.

Not only does this route allow you to see the Sunshine Coast’s iconic Old Woman Island up close, but it’s full of ocean life too. Paddlers exploring this stretch of water will often see fish, jellyfish, turtles and even dolphins. If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll even see humpback whales some way off the coast during the migration season.

Some have also reported seeing sharks out toward the island too, so if you’re terrified of sharks keep in mind that a sighting may be possible, but the likelihood of any interference by a shark is very low.

Bribie Island

kayaking-bribie-islandFor paddle with a great picnic destination at the end, try paddling from Golden Beach over to Bribie Island. It’s a fun and easy paddle across so it’s perfect if you’re bringing the kids along, and once you’ve reached Bribie you can paddle along the shore and explore the coastline, go fishing, or set up a beach picnic.

It’s a stunning spot on a sunny day and a great place to spend a few hours playing games with the kids or relaxing in the sun before the paddle back.

Sunshine Cove

kayaking-maroochydore-sunshine-coveA great spot for inland residents, the Sunshine Cove Lakes are a new addition to the waterways of the Sunshine Coast. With 25 hectares of lake and wetland, it’s a fantastic spot for beginners or those out for a gentle paddle away from the sea spray and strong currents.

Just off the Sunshine Motorway and not far from the Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore, the lakes at Sunshine Cove are a real treat for residents of the new development there and local from the wider area. There will be two large parklands that are accessible from the water, perfect to stop and relax or to kick a ball around with mates.

When it comes to Sunshine Coast activities kayaking rates amongst the best. You get to see wildlife, immerse yourself in the natural world, soak up the sun, cruise along the pristine waters and it’s good for your fitness too. Next time you find yourself wondering “what can I do today?” be sure to get your hands on a kayak and check out these amazing hidden gems the best way you can – by kayak.

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