Rolling out the Red Carpet – Caloundra Film Festival

Caloundra Film Festival

Contrary to popular belief, cinema and ‘the big screen’ goes much further than just what is shown at the nearest mall cinema. There is a rich and vibrant world of film out there creating on-screen adventures and tales far divorced from the tried and worn-out formula of big names and bigger “splosions” that has taken over Hollywood. If you’re tired of mainstream cinema, then you need look no further than the Sunshine Coast. From September 2nd to the 7th of October, Caloundra will be playing host to its annual film festival – the Caloundra Film Festival. Thankfully, the screen writers are more creative than the marketing team.

Student Showcase

Every year, the Caloundra Film Festival showcases the very best cinema has to offer, from local creations to foreign delights. In addition, they also go to great lengths to support and encourage the best and brightest of up-and- coming cinema talents, including a Student Showcase during the event. This is always my favourite part of the Festival. The camera work might be shaky at times, and the sound not always to the highest of standard, but seeing what young, creative minds can conjure up without the restrictions of box-office expectation is a truly awesome experience. The showcase includes a diverse range of student films, hand picked from schools across the region covering the Short Narrative, Documentary/Mockumentary, and Arts-Experimental categories. The young creatives are not only given the opportunity to see their films up on the big screen, but are also given access to information booths and representatives from film schools including USC, Griffith, JMC and QUT. If for no other reason than supporting young talent, I greatly encourage you all to become a patron of this fantastic initiative.

Student-Showcase film festival

In total, there are 11 films on the bill, not including the Student Showcase and a director’s Q&A, among other events featured in the festival. I already told you about the fresh talent, so here’s something with some real cred. If you’re a rocker, like me, this will definitely catch your eye. From Academy Award nominee documentary filmmaker, Amy Berg (Deliver Us from Evil, West of Memphis) comes Janis: Little Girl Blue. In the 60’s and 70’s, Janis Joplin became a rock and roll icon of the time, with massive hits like ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ and ‘Piece of My Heart’. The story follows and explores the rocker’s life, mostly through her own words, recorded in letters written by her own hand. As a fan, this will definitely be a ‘must see’ for me.

Janis-little girl blue

The line up this year is one of the most interesting and diverse that I’ve seen at a local festival in a good while, offering some surely unforgettable cinematic experiences.

For more information on the festival, its initiatives, and the film line up, visit the festival’s website.

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