The MMVAF – Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

Maroochy fest

Festival season is once again upon us, and one of the Sunshine Coast’s best has to be the Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival. This September 10th prepare yourself for a line-up of incredible talent, both musical and visual. With huge names like Matt Corby and Allday on the bill, it’s sure to be a day not to be missed. It’s not just about the music though, the festival itself features installations from some visual arts talents that will amaze you with their creations, if not blow your mind with the mastery of their crafts. There is no other festival that can quite replicate the atmosphere of this festival, with incredible food, fantastic crowds and staff, one of a kind location, and the most relaxed festival ‘vibe’ to match.

Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

If you haven’t encountered Matt Corby’s work yet, I strongly suggest you hunt it down and introduce yourself to it. This man’s music is simply indescribably beautiful. He is spoken of in hushed tones as a musical maverick whose phenomenon commands your attention, that of your ears and heart. Routinely selling out shows and smashing the Hottest 100, this ARIA (‘Resolution’ and ‘Brother’) winning musician has recently returned from a break from the limelight, and released his long-awaited debut album: Telluric. Each single is another incredible piece of the angelic quality you’d expect from this artist. The funk-inflected soul bounce of “Knife Edge”, with its expansive vocal parts, natty drums and richly textured guitar tones weds the Timeless and the Timely. Corby can’t be accused of recycling when it comes to lead single “Monday” – which is all but an Acapella. An incredible artist that you should definitely not miss.

Matt Corby


In stylistic contrast, we have the huge name of Allday on the lineup. If you weren’t aware of this young Aussie hip-hop artist’s explosive rise to fame, then you are now. This guy has made a name for him self after dropping out of art to pursue his music, picking up the backing of a major US label with his unique take on Australian hip-hop and making money from his infamous ability to procrastinate (See: ‘I Should be working on my album, but I’m doing a tour’ tour). Love him or not, Allday has made a name for himself for a reason. His smooth, thoughtful rhymes paired with melodic and ‘pop-y’ jams make him what he is – a musical sensation.

maroochy festival chairs

On the beautiful Old Horton Park Golf Course, this 18+ musical and visual arts festival is sure to have something for everyone on the bill, and culinary delights to match. Tickets are selling fast, with early bird tickets already sold out, so get in quickly for a $110pp final release before they’re gone as well.

MMVAF visual arts

For more information on the musical and visual line up, visit the festival’s website.

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