Opportunities In Your Future – Sunshine Coast Daily Career Expo 2019

Sunshine Coast Daily Career Expo 2019

The future can be a frightening thought – a great unknown stretching out, seemingly forever, before us with many questions and little to no answers. Everyone struggles to figure out their path, it’s part of being human to question and wonder and rethink and change our minds on a whim. This is especially true when thinking about a career.

Sunshine Coast Daily Career Expo 2019

The concept of a ‘career’ has changed in recent years. For a very long time, most people would hold the same job their entire lives, working 15-20 years before retiring – in the modern world that isn’t truly achievable anymore. Experts are predicting that over the next few years the average number of ‘careers’ held by anyone worker over their life span will grow to as many as 4, and not only that but we will be working much longer with likely no chance of a true retirement. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as the opportunity to innovate and create our own work opportunities explodes along with the rise of modern technology and the internet. Changing between, or even just beginning on a path towards a new career can be a very scary and unclear prospect, luckily the Sunshine Coast Daily has a little event planned to help give us all some ideas, and plenty of information on a range of career choices and career advancement opportunities.

The 17th annual Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo is the region’s most comprehensive careers, employment and training expo that offers visitors the latest information on tertiary studies, further training, hands on demonstrations and employment opportunities.

Sunshine Coast Daily Career Expo 2019

The Careers Expo will be held on Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 and will offer a unique opportunity for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career to meet with a diverse range of organisations that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Included on the massive list of exhibitors are names that will offer you opportunities in anything and everything your heart could desire, from Aviation, business schools, Natural Therapies colleges, Trade-Skill schools, Child Care, specialist makeup colleges, Design colleges, Mathematics and Science, Taxation and Accounting, Hotel Management, Professional Dance, Environmental Technologies, Fitness and Physio Therapy, the Defence Force, to a number of major Australian and international Universities and Art Schools, including the New York Film Academy.

Of course, the list literally goes on and on – for a full list of exhibitors and to keep up to date with the details of the Expo as they develop, visit the official website here and sign up to be inspired and to make informed decisions about your future career choices.

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