Active in Autumn: 3 Beautiful Running Tracks on the Sunshine Coast

Getting fit and active on the Sunshine Coast is an absolute pleasure. With stunning weather and magnificent surroundings, it’s no wonder so many residents have taken up running to stay healthy. With the change in seasons comes a slight cool twist to the air, making it the perfect time to start running if you haven’t already. Here are some of the best running tracks on the Sunshine Coast to help you stay active this autumn.


1. Beautiful Beachside

There’s nothing like feeling the tug of the fresh sea breeze and the soft sand under your feet as you enjoy one of nature’s most accessible running tracks. With so many amazing stretches of beaches on the Sunshine Coast, it comes as no surprise that the local beaches are a popular place to run. The added benefit of training on the beach is the extra boost to your fitness from the resistance of running on sand. This combined with majestic ocean views makes the beach a perfect place to start your autumn running routine.

2. Climb Mount Coolum

If you’re looking for a real challenge, you simply have to try your luck at climbing Mount Coolum. While popular with walkers, it’s the dedicated runners who use this magnificent formation to truly test their fitness levels and abilities. The elevation and series of steep steps make this 800m climb a real challenge for the avid runner. You’ll be rewarded by views that are quite simply breathtaking, and stopping at the top will give you a little time to recover and prepare for the descent. When you want to test your fitness this autumn, you can’t go past Mount Coolum.


3. Cotton Tree – Mooloolaba Loop

When you want to see great coastal views without tackling any extreme elevations, the loop from Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba is perfect for you. You’ll benefit from the cool breeze coming in from the ocean, the stunning scenery, and a nice meandering track that has a few gentle challenges. It’s perfect run for anyone who wants to take their casual running just a little step further without tackling anything too challenging.

Whether you’re scaling the heights of Mount Coolum or enjoying the sand between your toes, these tracks are the perfect way to kick off your autumn running schedule. With Noosa being home to a range of marathons and triathlons, you’ll be seeing plenty of fellow runners out enjoying the beautiful views and great weather that autumn brings. Don’t put it off any longer, with wonderful tracks like these literally in your backyard, running is the perfect way to stay active this autumn.

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