The Aussie Dream is Changing: Smaller Blocks of Land

The great Australian dream of home ownership has always seemed to be underpinned by a subliminal motivation that bigger is better. In recent years, there has been a distinct shift away from this traditional ideal, as more and more buyers start to see the benefits of downsizing to a smaller block of land. The modern lifestyle is definitely changing, and people are increasingly investing in a community rather than just a home on a large block of land. Here are a few reasons why this change is occurring, and the myriad of benefits that it presents.


Getting the Balance Right

With many people working longer hours in increasingly high pressure jobs, the last thing you want to do is come home and worry about the maintenance of your block. There’s a push towards gaining a greater balance in life between work and play, with home maintenance taking a back seat on the list of priorities for many families. The solution to this lies in the location and design of houses, and the way this impacts on lifestyle. A spacious home on a smaller block allows the same quality of living without the added stress and pressure of maintaining a large property, which demands significant time and hard work to keep in shape.


Freedom to Live

When time is precious, the ability to have access to great facilities within walking distance of your home is a definite advantage. When you purchase a smaller block in a specially designed development, you aren’t just buying a house, you’re moving into a true community. With parks, kids playgrounds, bikeways, recreational areas and outdoor facilities literally on your doorstep, you can suddenly access a whole new way of living without ever leaving your estate. Though you may be buying a smaller block of land, you now have direct access to a bigger range of great facilities than ever before.


What This Means for the Market

With so many people looking to downsize their land and upgrade their lifestyle, there has been significant pressure for the real estate market to keep up with the demand. Statistically, more people are choosing to buy smaller blocks than ever before, not just on the Sunshine Coast but throughout the rest of Queensland as well. Some designers have already begun to cater for this growing trend, with innovative projects such as Sunshine Cove providing the perfect balance of lifestyle and function.

With a real focus on community, Sunshine Cove offers the very best in recreational facilities seamlessly integrated into a picturesque and immaculately designed estate. Quality stock of developable land is simply not as accessible as it once was, and more people are starting to recognise the appeal of buying a modern spacious home that offers a great location, easy access to major facilities and services, and the ability to enjoy an active outdoors lifestyle without even having to jump in the car.

A smaller block of land with all the benefits of acreage living, without the maintenance and remoteness from facilities, is surely becoming the new Australian dream. Quality not quantity is truly the new direction, making the Aussie dream one that is realistic and achievable for everyone. There is no doubt that developments such as Sunshine Cove are leading the way for a new way of living, one which allows you to have the lifestyle you have always dreamed of for less.

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