Maroochydore Golf Course Takes a New Turn

An exciting development is on the way for the Maroochydore region, with the Council acquiring the land formerly owned by Horton Park Golf Course. The plans are to convert the massive area into a thriving new CBD, creating thousands of jobs and cementing Maroochydore as one of the most vibrant and prosperous areas of activity on the Sunshine Coast. The plans are well underway, and the residents of Maroochydore are set to benefit from the multi-million dollar investment into their beloved region.


Plans for the New CBD

The new CBD is expected to create a huge range of employment opportunities, with both commercial and retail floor space earmarked for new and exciting business. There are also plans for a library, amphitheatre, transit station, regional arts and entertainment centre and 4000 new dwellings within the Principal Activity Centre. Over 40% of the golf course will be retained as public open space, and the architecture will embrace the sub-tropical themes that make Maroochydore such a unique destination.

Timeline for Development

While the deal was struck in late 2011, it is now in 2013 that the Council will finalise its master plan for the Maroochydore Central Precinct. This report will include the current considerations for delivery of the project, as well as possible funding. It will be 2014 before the Council has access to the site, with the Horton Park Golf Course remaining fully operational until this time. After this deadline, the Council will begin preparation for civil works on the site. The construction of major roads, drainage and other major infrastructure is projected to take place between 2015 and 2016, with the first buildings expected to appear on site between 2016 and 2018.

Maroochydore’s Future

This move is one which will see Maroochydore become one of the biggest and most prosperous regions on the Sunshine Coast. The Council is aiming for this project to make Maroochydore the Principal Regional Activity Centre for the Sunshine Coast, and have pledged their commitment to ensuring that this becomes a reality.

Real Estate Perspective

It’s important to consider the impacts of the new Maroochydore CBD from a real estate perspective. Maroochydore has long been a thriving place for locals and investors alike, however this development marks a significant turning point in the direction of the region. Instead of progressive linear growth, Maroochydore’s new CBD project is a real commitment to kick-starting the potential of the area.

Smart buyers will take this opportunity to buy early in order to capitalise on their investment when the development has been completed. Modern living communities such as Sunshine Cove are perfectly positioned to benefit from the increase in facilities, jobs and local economy of the Maroochydore area, making these properties even more attractive to potential buyers.

With such thrilling plans already being set in motion, the development of the Maroochydore CBD heralds a new age for the region. It is an age of growth, prosperity and exciting development that will truly transform the heart of Maroochydore forever. Now is the time to invest in this thriving area, with both residents and investors set to gain from the new Maroochydore CBD.

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