Horizon Arts Festival 2018

Horizon Arts Festival is returning to the Sunshine Coast this August 24th until the 2nd of September with an amazing line up of events, classes and experiences for every taste. As the signature multi-arts festival for the region, Horizon’s curated program of events celebrates local artists alongside Australian and international guests, building the capacity of local creative talent and exposing the audience to unique arts experiences. Over 10 arts-fuelled days across the Sunshine Coast, Horizon collaborates to deliver events in performance, visual art, music, street art, comedy, theater, dance and new media.

The events on offer vary amazing – offering experiences and opportunities to appreciate fantastic talents and to grow and inspire yourself. Included in the line-up of events is a writing class held by Dr. Eileen Herbert-Goodall – “Writing from a theme”. During this event you will be able to hear Eileen speak about some of the techniques and methods she uses when developing fictional pieces (short stories, novellas, and novels), particularly in relation to writing from theme. The morning will see attendees participate in a guided writing exercise, which they will have an opportunity to share if they wish to. Admission to this particular event, held in the Maroochy Library on Saturday the 25th of August from 10am, is free – but booking your place is essential as numbers are limited.

Also included in the Horizon Arts Festival this year is the Feminus events. This series of art events build around the theme of the Feminine archetypes – or more specifically the seven archetypes of Jungian Psychology. These include: The Mother, The Maiden, The Queen, The Huntress, The Wise Woman, Sage, and the Lover. Award-winning milliner and designer Melanie Jeffers in collaboration with choreographer Melissa Lanham present FEMININUS (Latin for feminine); a unique and hybrid exhibition of the seven archetypes of the feminine form. The project will feature three main components; an opening night with a performance, exhibition and workshops. Melanie’s remarkable and stunning creations are outlandish, wild and worn by dancers which will form the basis of a site specific and interactive performance at the Arts and Ecology Centre. You will be greeted with a glass of champagne on arrival with canapés and non-alcoholic beverages available throughout the evening.

There will be two performances one at 6pm and another at 7pm performed by professional dancers with opportunities for photographs throughout the evening. At the centre of the performance installation there will be a ‘tree’ which will form the basis of the dancers’ performance space. This tree will remain along with Melanie’s creations as an exhibition throughout the opening weekend of Horizon. The entire series of events will run from the 24th of August, until the 27th .

The Horizon Arts Festival has an incredible line-up in store for 2018 including everything artistic and expression, from comedy to sandle making. For more information on events, the full calendar, and to book your places, visit the Horizon Festival’s official website

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