Your Pick – New Years Eve on the Sunshine Coast


New Years is big everywhere in the world. It’s the end of the year and the beginning of a brand new one. It affords a chance for renewal in all regards, from lifestyle to progress towards long held dreams. Whatever it is you feel is missing in your life, New Years and your resolutions can be the start of the change you need. With best intentions for a new year, billions celebrate with music, dancing, fireworks, and, if you’re of age, a little bit of booze. So the question remains, where do you want to celebrate this year? There are plenty of parties to go to at clubs around the coast if you’re still young enough for that sort of thing, but for those of you like me, who have a family, and aching back and knees, your options don’t lie with the clubs.


Mooloolaba‘s celebrations has been my choice for the duration of my stay here on the coast, because it always has something for everyone in my very different, and picky family. This December 31st, it all kicks off at 4pm – with the entertainment officially beginning at 5pm with the kid’s shows. This includes Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Poppy and Branch from the DreamWorks movie ‘Trolls’, followed by a performance from Nick Jr’s Paw Patrol: Ready For Action! For the little ones this is set to be pretty darn exciting, as my youngest adores both Ninja Turtles, and Paw Patrol, and she reminds of the old troll dolls sometimes too.


For the slightly older kids, who are ‘too cool’ to hang out with Mum and Dad, there’s a beach party from 7pm featuring four different DJs that will be ‘pumping up the groove’ until midnight out on the Sea Stage. While this is all going down, over on the main stage, local act Hoo8Hoo will kick things off at 7:20pm, opening for one of Australia’s more famous exports to the live music scene; Thirsty Merc at 8:30pm. Closing out for these stellar acts will be Cheap Fakes, a six-piece Funk and Ska band, who will keep the beat in the lead up to the midnight countdown.



There will, of course, be a fireworks display lighting up the night sky at 8:30pm and again at midnight, roving street entertainment, children’s activities, inflatable rides and buskers amongst the many street food vendors that will keep your hunger at bay for the duration of your celebrations, thanks to local restaurants and cafes along the esplanade. This is a community family-friendly event, so it will be fully fenced, and be a glass and alcohol free zone – those who arrive obviously intoxicated will not be permitted entry for the safety of all involved.

For more information check out the ‘New Years Mooloolaba’ page on the Sunshine Coast government website.

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