See You On The Starting Line – Noosa Billy Cart GP 2017

This July the annual Noosa Billy Cart GP, hosted by Noosa Christian College in Cooroy, will make its return with an offering that’s bigger and better than ever before. This event is an opportunity for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and novices alike to pit their designs against each other in a series of age-restricted events, from Prep foot races, to Open-age carting. Sunday the 16th of July is the day of reckoning, and only the best of the best shall emerge with the title of champion.

For the uninitiated, a Billy Cart, also known as Gravity Racers, Go-Carts, and Soapbox Racers are a form of motor-less vehicle raced, usually, downhill either in a time trial styled race, or against other competitors in a more traditional style. While the sport is largely popular amongst children and as a hobby amongst adults, some have taken their vehicle designs to the point of being able to reach speeds of upwards of 100km/h. Originally made from Wooden Soap and Apple crates or metals with roller-skate wheels attached, modern incarnations have expanded to using aluminium and even Fibreglass. Events such as these give a rare opportunity for an incredible bonding experience with family and friends. The act of designing, building and racing your very own carts creates wonderful memories.

The day isn’t just about carting though. The event is playing host is a massive garage sale, as well as a number of awesome rides for the kids, and food and stalls to meet your fancy. All proceeds from the event, and the auction, are going back into the school to give the students the resources they need. The items going up for auction this year haven’t been announced yet, but there is always something worth putting a bid or two on, especially when it’s for the students.

There are a number of categories this year to make the competition as fair as possible. The Preps and Pre-preps are given their own race, in which they must design their own cart body out of cardboard, which they will need to hold for the duration of their foot races. For everyone else, there’s the Primary division (years 1-6), which requires teams of 5, with 2 sets of 2 ‘pushers’ to get their driver around the track. For the high school students (years 7-12) and the Open division teams must consist of 2 pushers and a driver, with a driver change every lap. Each lap of the course is measuring in at 220m with both an uphill and downhill stage. For all competitors, there is a $5 entry fee per team member, as well as an opportunity to purchase team shirts through the school itself.

For more information on the event, its sponsors and races, visit the Noosa Billy Cart GP website and I’ll see you on the starting line.

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