More Than Just a Pretty Garden – Queensland Garden Expo

For 32 years the Queensland Garden Expo has held a very special place in our social calendars here on the Sunshine Coast. It was first put together by the Sunshine Coast branch of the Nursery and Garden Industry with the vision of providing the people of the Sunshine Coast, and Queensland itself, with expert advice and information on various topics to do with gardening. What began as a gathering of green thumbs exchanging veggie patch tips, is now a massive display of all kinds of gardeners and new age citizens looking to lessen their carbon footprints and expand their plant knowledge. Not only does this year’s event promise to be bigger than ever, but it’s set to deliver big time with plants, plants and more plants from over 55 nurseries that also attending this year, plus there’s a further 360 some exhibitors. And if that’s not big enough for you there’s a full program of free lectures and demonstrations on eight “live” stages running daily covering a vast array of gardening topics.

Launching from 8am on Friday the 7th of July, 3 full days packed with more plant knowledge than you can shake a stick at this year at the Queensland Garden Expo.

The biggest draws every year has to be the free lectures and demos hosted by the event. Experts in every field will be in attendance and strutting their stuff for your entertainment and educational benefit. Whatever your passion, interest or gardening hobby, there will be a lecture, demo or expert on hand to answer your questions. The Question and Answer session held each and every day is always the most insightful – a panel of experts will be listening to audience questions and answering them to the shared benefit of all in attendance.

If you have a question then this is the time to ask, even listening to other’s questions might give you a different perspective, or answer a question you didn’t even know you had. It’s a great time, and definitely a must see. Of course there’s also demos of all kinds, from equipment and products to services rendered – whatever your interest there’s something to interest you.

If you’re interested in growing your own organic produce, or just after a bite to eat then the Giant Kitchen Garden may interest you. It’s a completely organic food court, complete with a fully planted, sustainable garden from which your snacks will be sourced. It’s always an incredible display, full to the brim with exciting ideas for creative food growth – complete with permaculture and organic gardening experts ready and excited to answer any and all of your questions. The event truly is a meeting of the green minds celebrating all things green and green doing to share ideas and exciting new concepts.

For more information on the event, its lecturers, exhibitors and ticket information; visit the event website and maybe I’ll see you there, snacking on any number of delicious, organic treats.

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