Plaid Beer – The Sunshine Coast Craft Beer & Cider Festival

Craft beer has become something of a cultural revolution for many, but what is it – past all the plaid shirts and lumberjack beards? This ‘food movement’ of recent years has given rise to a number of smaller beer breweries around the country mixing up more traditional style beers focused on flavour and technique rather than simple quantity of brewing. According to the Brewers Association of the United States, a “craft brewery” is defined as “small, independent, and traditional”. The term “artisan” is often thrown around as well in association, and often times it’s true – some of our best beers are coming out of small backyard breweries with a passion for their craft, and this year we’re going to celebrate it. The Sunshine Coast is set to have it’s very first inaugural Craft Beer and Cider Festival on Saturday, the 25th of November at the Sunshine Coast Stadium, with plenty of good food to wash down.

Gates will open at 1pm, signalling the start of this celebration of all things craft beer and cider. More than one-hundred and sixty different brews will be on offer for your tasting enjoyment, hand selected from all around Australia and New Zealand – so not only is there glory on the line, but our pride as Australian brew enthusiasts. Amongst the chosen few we find names such as: Young Henry’s, Fury & Son, Eumundi Brewery, Byron Bay Brewery, Captain Bligh’s, Cheeky Monkey, Devil Canyon, Thirsty Chiefs, and many more fantastic brands of beer offering a drop for every taste. Of course all that drinking is sure to build up a hunger, and these guys have you covered in the appropriate style. From a hot and spicy wings fix, Bimm’s barbecue, the donut kitchen and Mr Burger, to gourmet mac and cheese – whatever you craft after a few pints, they have you covered.

Of course it isn’t a festival limited to food and beer. This year there’s plenty of entertainment specifically for the kids, and some fantastic music lined up for mum and dad. Some of you are probably torn, and understandably so, over the fact that you’d be missing the Ashes to visit this festival – Well they have you covered there too, with the full series being played in full and live on the massive “jumbotron” screens so you don’t have to miss a single minute, or a pint.

For more information on this fantastic event and its offerings, visit their website and start preparing your taste buds for frosty bliss.

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