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Jungle Love Bicycles

Turning three this year is the fantastic Jungle Love music festival. It began as a small local festival, but has grown into a vibrant and expansive experience with a line-up of 53 different acts from around the great south-east across its three stellar stages overtwo memorable days, starting from the 25th of November. Acting more as a surreal wonderland than a music festival, every part of Jungle Love is meticulously poured over every year to provide a liberating and immersive experience for music lovers. It is without a doubt, one of the best music festival experiences available on the Sunshine Coast, which is quite a boast. 

The grounds themselves are truly unique, nestled within a beautiful wood encircled by a stunning freshwater stream (a fantastic spot for a dip, which, in the middle of summer, is truly wonderful and appreciated). What really makes Jungle Love unique is it’s fantastic, massive, two story tree house-bar. Towering above the campsite, between the two main stages lies this fantastic tranquil vantage point over the whole festival – the top floor of which functions as the ‘Gold Bar’. The ‘Gold Bar’ is THE place to be, where all the artists and whose-who of the festival congregate and relax. Another new addition this year will be the introduction of the ‘secret-venues’ that will be dotted through the grounds, taking the form of visual art installations and impromptu performances.

Jungle Boogie Stage

This year’s festival is an assault on all the senses. Each day brings a new experience at Jungle Love, with a range of classes and workshops on offer, with some fantastic food being prepared as well, with plenty of variety and vegetarian and vegan options. The festival isn’t just about good tunes and good vibes; it’s a collection of experiences to better your life. Learn to expand your creative writing skills, learn how to create beautiful works in embroidery workshops, partake in a funky, jungle music themed meditation class, and finish things off with some all natural, and all tasty food; woodfired pizzas, Indian cuisine, vegan cakes and desserts, and so much more to satisfy your munchies.

Jungle Love Festival

I’ve only experienced this festival once before, and it was enough to make me want to make the event a yearly tradition, a pilgrimage for my mind and soul. For those of you who will be joining me this November in the jungle, you can find out all you need to know about the line-up of artists, workshops and camping facilities on the Jungle Love website and begin purchasing your tickets.

Jungle Love performers

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