Summer loving – The best spots to surf on the coast

Surf beach at Maroochydore

When people think of the Sunshine Coast, it’s the surf, sand and sun that comes to the front of their minds. The beaches are spectacular and the weather this season is hot and sunny, beach weather at its finest. What better way to enjoy our beautiful coastline than take to the waves on a hot and sunny day.

When it comes to surfing breaks we’re certainly spoiled for choice. For newcomers, with so many pristine surfing spots, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you start exploring the best that the coast has to offer, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top places to surf for all levels of expertise.


The Sunshine Coast is an ideal location to learn to surf. If you’re new to surfing and you’d love to give it a go but you’re a little wary of the bigger breaks, or if you’ve got the kids in tow and they need a slightly more relaxed place to get some practice on the board, then check out Happy Valley.

Happy Valley is located between Kings Beach and Bribie Island, and there are several surfing schools that operate in and around this spot, so if you need to hire a board or get yourself a few lessons to start you off it’s a great place to begin.


Just a stone’s throw from Sunshine Cove estate, the Sunshine Plaza and Solbar you’ll find Maroochydore Beach. There are usually several banks so you can pick one that’s less populated. Maroochydore itself is home to some of the best property Sunshine Coast has to offer and Maroochydore beach is a great spot to visit as it’s so central to some of the Coast’s best shops, restaurants and new housing developments.

Noosa Main Beach is another good spot for intermediate surfers and it’s pretty reliable. Noosa is another great place to bring the family, the town has lots to do and there are many natural attractions in the surrounding areas, so it’s a great place to bring the family camping for a surfing trip.

Consistent Swell

The frequency and quality of the swell at Peregian Beach are both highly rated in the surfing community. It’s a beach that suits all levels of surfer and it’s a pretty sure shot that you’ll catch consistent waves. It’s also a great place to visit if you’ve got the family in tow because the town of Peregian is a great place to spend some time, check out the shops and grab a bite to eat. They often put on activities for kids during the summer and on Sundays in the dry season you can catch some great local bands playing at Peregian Originals.

Big Breaks

If you’re really looking for a challenge then take a boat (or paddle, if you’ve got the stamina) out to Old Woman Island (pictured below). There are rocky outcrops and reefs that produce some serious breaks, but be warned, these waves are only for the advanced surfer. Always check the surf reports before you head out here.

Old Woman Island Surfbreak Mudjimba

Old Woman Island when the surf is pumping.

These are just a few top picks. There are so many to explore, the Sunshine Coast is a playground for surfers, there’s so much to discover. Check the surf reports, ask the locals, and always be safe – there’s a perfect break out there just waiting for you to surf it.

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