Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

There has been a massive surge over the last few years in the popularity of endurance sports and ‘fun’ runs. On the Sunshine Coast we also partake in such events in the name of fun or charity, and why wouldn’t we with some of the most beautiful scenery and natural running trails in the world. However, endurance swimming, well that’s where things start to get a little more serious here on the coast, not so surprising considering we’re ‘coasties’. Living on the coast it’s kind of what we’re known for. Beautiful sand, surf and weather, the perfect stomping ground for endurance swimmers.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

Endurance swimming is perhaps unrivalled as an “athletic quest” and can bring you a greater range of health benefits, while minimising risk of injury or physical stress. If you’re seeking a sense of accomplishment, no test of endurance will offer you such an opportunity as distance swimming.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

World Series Swims is coming to the Sunshine Coast, on Sunday March 06, 2016  at Mooloolaba Beach. World Series Swims is a new family of endurance events and the locations are all world-class beaches – St Kilda, Noosa, Gold Coast, Bondi and Mooloolaba. On March 6th we will be hosting the Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim at the Mooloolaba Beach right here on the Sunshine Coast, The main event, a one-mile (1.6km) course is well within reach for beginners and novice endurance ocean swimmers, an ideal step up from traditional short course events. New to the event this year, is the 3.0km Marathon distance – a great new option for seasoned swimmers and aspiring triathletes looking to push their limits. This is where you will see truly amazing humans push themselves to the point of breaking and beyond.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

The Mooloolaba Mile has fast become one of Queensland’s most popular ocean swims and continues to attract swimmers from all over Australia.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!


Marathon Distance (3.0km)

If you’re a seasoned ocean swimmer or aspiring triathlete, push your limits in the new 3.0km marathon distance course. A 3000m swim in the ocean is not for the faint hearted, but this course is a great opportunity to go beyond the traditional ocean swim distances.

Mooloolaba Mile (1.6km)

Beginning at The Spit, Mooloolaba’s South-Eastern end, the One Mile (1.6km) course is set out on an M shaped path north towards the finish line. The first turn is located directly out from the start near the Mooloolah River mouth. Midway, the course brings swimmers back towards the breakers then out again before the final leg to the finish line.

Mooloolaba Half Mile (800m)

From juniors testing themselves in the open water to groups of friends battling it out for bragging rights, the Mooloolaba Half Mile (800m) can be achieved with limited training.

Joining the Mooloolaba Mile course at the halfway mark it goes around the final turn before hitting the sand and a sprint to the finish.

Junior Giants (300m & 800m)

The Junior Giants Series is a great opportunity for kids aged 8 –16 years to compete with other swimmers their own age.

We have a short & long course to choose from at every location where all swimmers can enjoy the thrill of a beach sprint finish! Events at Mooloolaba include:

300m Kids Dash (8 – 16 yrs)
800m Junior Giants (10 – 16 yrs)

The 800m event will use the same course format as the 800m Half Mile event.

Every participant receives a free event t-shirt and opportunity for a signing session with Olympic legend, Michael Klim and other special guests.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!


All World Series Swims will have some great prizes up for grabs from Speedo Australia and elite swimmers will also have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd) in nominated events.

Presentations on event day will include the following overall prizes in each event:

300m Junior Giants      1st, 2nd, 3rd (Speedo Product Vouchers)
800m Junior Giants      1st, 2nd, 3rd (Speedo Product Vouchers)
800m Half Mile               1st, 2nd, 3rd (Speedo Product Vouchers)
1.6m Mooloolaba Mile  1st (Annual Trophy), 2nd, 3rd (Speedo Product Vouchers)
3.0km Marathon             1st ($500), 2nd ($200), 3rd ($100)

For more information or to enter visit the Mooloolaba Swim website.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

A little background on endurance swimming.

If you think that conquering Everest is the ultimate demonstration of human endurance, consider this: Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were first to gain the “top of the world” in 1953, more than 4000 others have followed them. Since Matthew Webb was first to swim (using the breaststroke, for 21 hours, over a wandering course estimated at 39 miles) from England to France in 1875, just 1000 individuals have matched his feat.

In 2008 just 29 individuals swam the English Channel and just one in ten who stepped off the beach in England, touched the shore in France. A large number of the 90 percent who couldn’t complete the swim had already swum for 12 or more hours, and were teased with a glimpse of the French shore – when they ran into the infamous currents and swam several more hours without making progress. In degree of difficulty, this is beyond Everest, yet far less perilous, without the often-fatal consequences of failure.

Mooloolaba Mile Ocean Swim – A World Series Swim!

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