Your Guide to the best Weekend Food Markets

What makes a great food market? Undoubtedly the correct answer for most of us would be the freshness, the quality, and how long it took to get to our plates. The Sunshine Coast is a wonderland for this kind of produce. From the hinterland to the sea, this exquisite coastal region is the ultimate place to find fine food.

You know when you go to a Sunshine Coast market, that the prawns came off the trawler that morning, and that the strawberries arrived off the truck from down the road. So which markets are best for local harvests?

Big Pineapple Growers Market


While only two years old, the Big Pineapple sets the stage for the biggest all weather markets on the Sunshine Coast. You won’t miss this iconic landmark located just off the Bruce Highway. After all, who would ignore a giant pineapple? So what makes this market so special? Over half the market is dedicated to fresh fruit and veg, hinterland raised poultry and meat, as well as exquisite pastries from the resident bakers. For those who like the finer things in life, don’t ignore the Noosa smoked salmon, homemade yoghurts, honey, gluten free foods and organic chocolates and pestos’. You can visit the Big Pineapple Growers Market every Saturday from 6:30am to 12 midday.

Montville Local Produce Market


The key word here at the Montville Local Produce Market is seasonal. Want to know the best thing about in season produce? It’s cheap, it hasn’t flown 5,000km just to get there and it hasn’t been loaded up with chemicals to give it that fresh look. Talk about cutting down on your eco foot print and encouraging local farmers! Every second Saturday of the month from 7am till midday, indulge in new season strawberries, freshly crushed olive oils, authentic and freshly made pasta, and organic chocolate and sourdough.

Noosa Farmers Market


A care free collection of fresh food and natural products huddled among the gum trees is one of the many reasons Noosa Farmers Market was voted by travel giant Trip Advisor as the number one market in Australia for 2013. There’s no gimmicky or cheap product stalls here, just a huge variety of home-grown delicacies. It’s for the people who want to find rare fruit and veg that they may not find at the supermarket and for those who like it to come direct from the grower. There is such a great vibe at the Noosa Farmers Market that it’s hard not to join in on the fun. If pulling up a chair and immersing yourself in a delicious breakfast is more your style, then you won’t mind feasting on gourmet omelettes or dairy free lime cheesecake – cake is breakfast isn’t it? The Noosa Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 7am till midday.

For high quality produce, free from harsh chemicals, and full of nutrition, why wouldn’t you pay a visit to one of these marvellous Sunshine Coast food markets?

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