Sunshine Coast in Focus – Noosa

Noosa is truly the pinnacle of Sunshine Coast living. As one of the most iconic addresses on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is a popular choice for, home owners, investors and renters from across Australia. Here’s a closer look at this beautiful destination which so many people simply love to call home.


The Noosa Region

Noosa is a thriving location that offers something for everyone. While highly popular with tourists and holiday goers, it still retains a real community feel and welcoming atmosphere. An extensive and well managed bus network provides ease of access for those who prefer to travel without a car, and there are plenty of fantastic points of interest all within walking distance. Hastings Street is one of the most iconic attractions, with a range of award-winning cafés, bars and restaurants all lining the sidewalk. In the mix are high end and boutique fashion outlets, souvenir shops and delicious ice cream parlours.


The Noosa River provides ample opportunity for fishing, swimming and water sports while the beachfront attracts surfers, sunbathers and sun-seeking families alike. A short walk will take you from the vibrant atmosphere of Hastings Street and into the quiet natural beauty of the headland. Climbing up this scenic walk gives you an incredible view of Noosa, as well as a chance to spot dolphins, turtles and even whales playing in the crystal clear ocean. Noosa truly provides the best of everything, from modern facilities and services to the sheer escapism of getting close to nature. A trip to Noosa is one that you will simply never forget – but don’t forget your togs!


Real Estate Snapshot

As one of the Sunshine Coast’s most exclusive addresses, Noosa attracts a lot of interest from a range of buyers and tenants alike. Easy access to quality schools, medical facilities and various shopping centres makes this the perfect place to enjoy suburban style living without giving up the appeal of superb beachside beauty. There are always buyers interested in the chance to score a quality property in Noosa, so make sure you talk to your local real estate agent to stay up to date on what is available.

The median house sale price is sitting at $657,000 with units at just under $500,000. While there are some properties that can be picked up much cheaper, it is not uncommon for houses and units with prime waterfront access to be sold for well over $1.5 million. For those looking to rent, you can expect a median weekly asking price of $420 for a house and $360 for units.

Noosa is truly a slice of paradise, and it isn’t often that you can enjoy all the finer points of city living in a relaxed and friendly beachfront community. From five star restaurants and boutique bars to pristine natural wilderness and the stunning beach, Noosa has something for everyone. Why not spoil yourself, and spend a weekend falling in love with the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of this truly stunning Sunshine Coast destination.

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