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Coolum is an ever popular beachside suburb with a relaxed coastal feel that draws people from far and wide to its pristine shores and busy hub. It’s a laid-back area where the people are friendly and welcoming and the local activities centre around the ocean.

Coolum allows residents to be far enough away from the busy hubs or Maroochydore and Noosa to feel removed from the restlessness of a more urban life, but close and central enough to still be accessible. It’s very close to the Sunshine Coast airport and has easy access to the highway so it’s proving a great spot for commuters too. It’s got everything you’d want out of a holiday town without the feeling that it’s too far removed from the rest of the Coast.

What’s New

So popular amongst the northern seaside areas, Coolum is constantly on the move, with new developments and additions popping up all the time.

One of the newest and most noteworthy of these is the state-of-the-art luxury residential development of Breeze, The Boardwalk. It covers almost 3 acres of beachfront land along Marcoola Beach, with 96 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to house Coolum’s newest home owners. There’s a gorgeous lagoon style pool for tenants to enjoy, along with a spa, BBQ areas and its own deli/cafe.

The village centre has also been treated to a few upgrades, with many more planned for 2013 including upgrades to the boardwalk that stretches along the shoreline.

The Classics

Coolum has long been visited by tourists and holiday makers from all over Queensland and Australia, and many never go home, settling at Coolum to create a life in their holiday paradise.

Coolum has a strong surfing background, its history centred around its beautiful beaches and enduring surf culture. Many visitors and residents claim the beaches and ocean water sports as the main element of Coolum life.

There’s also Mount Coolum, which many nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts visit regularly for a relaxed afternoon hike or a high energy power-walk. Coolum National Park surrounds the mountain and is a haven for those who enjoy walks, cycling, bird watching and enjoying the natural beauty of the sandy bush.

Coolum is also well known for its world-class golf courses, fine dining and luxurious accommodation options.

Real Estate Overview

The most recent available median house price in Coolum, courtesy of, is $365,000 and the median price for units is at $247, 500. Throughout the year, house prices have remained reasonably steady, while unit prices have experienced some rises and falls with a large drop in February, a gradual recovery up until July, followed by another steep fall toward the current median. Both house and unit prices are higher than they were a decade ago in 2003, but have been trending downward again since their peak in 2008.

On examining supply and demand graphs for the last calendar year, Coolum is currently experiencing a higher demand than properties available. Up until around June 2012 the supply outweighed demand in the area, however since June the market has not been quite so flush with housing while the demand has remained steadily quite high.

That there are more people seeking to move to this paradise than those willing to sell their slice of heaven speaks for itself. With an ever growing population and the prospect of possible population capping to ensure the preservation of Coolum’s peaceful lifestyle, it’s well worth keeping an eye on and snapping up any piece of this prime Sunshine Coast realestate you can. Coolum is one not to be missed.

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