Time-poor? Tips for maximising your leisure time


Most people struggle to find enough hours in the day, let alone enjoy their quality leisure time. Surprisingly, where you live can significantly contribute towards finding the perfect balance between work and play. Here are a few tips for maximising your leisure time, especially if you’re looking to move into a new area.

Location is Everything

Make sure you know the layout of your area. Ideally there should be a quality school, medical centre, shopping centre and other local businesses such as mechanics close by. Less time spent driving between work, the shops, school and home means more leisure time in the long run.


The Sunshine Cove residential development, a great example of an ideal location, within a stone’s throw from Maroochydore CBD and the beach.

Public Transport

Understanding the public transport routes in your suburb can make a huge difference to your free time. Knowing that there’s a school bus that stops down the road can save you daily trips, and helps your kids to socialise while you get some extra time for yourself. Both buses and trains are a great way to cut down your car running costs, and can often reduce the amount of time it would take to get to work.


Time for Play

Having a look at what your location can offer you in terms of leisure activities is really important. If your main hobby is surfing, living over an hour from the beach obviously impacts on your time on the beach, catching a wave and how often you’re in the water.

Sunshine Coast- A Place for Everyone

For an example of a place that has everything, you can’t go past the Sunshine Coast. Having a range of top quality schools and the University close by ensures education is looked after, the Airport is centrally located, and everything is serviced by an extensive public transport network.

The vibrant shops, restaurants and bars that are dotted around the Sunshine Coast offer plenty of opportunity to socialise. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, why not take a stroll along the famous beaches or explore the many national parks via bushwalk. From cycling to kayaking, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful coastal location.

With a thriving business centre, the Sunshine Coast offers plenty of opportunities for employment, so you can live, work and play all in the same place. If you’re looking to maximise your leisure hours, a place that offers this kind of diversity is a perfect chance to get the most out of your free time.

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