The Coast’s best primary school guide

As a parent, you’re faced with many formative decisions for your children; some are major, some are not, and while choosing a school can be confusing (especially if it’s your first time), your final pick will be one of the most important moves you’ll ever make. Education is no longer a matter of ‘getting what you pay for;’ most parents want to send their child to the best school available, but it’s important to factor in what is the best fit for your child’s personality and needs. Making the right decision could put them on a path towards lifelong learning, a prestigious university education and a successful career. To make your choice easier, we’ve provided an overview of some of best Sunshine Coast primary schools and what makes them so special.


Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim

Located in the idyllic suburb of Buderim, Immanuel Lutheran College is a long established independent school that provides quality education for children ranging from prep to year 12. The highly professional and experienced faculty prepares each student for the real world, enriching their academic, pastoral and cultural wellbeing, extensive services and sporting facilities.


Though the atmosphere is consistently creative, Immanuel Lutheran College encourage a learning environment that provides meaning, purpose and grace to the development of your child, prizing brilliance and integrity above all. An active school community can provide a great experience, and the College delivers a range of festivals and concerts annually, including Voices on the Coast Youth Literature Festival.

Noosaville Primary School, Noosaville

Noosaville State School is a modern campus, dedicated to developing the lives of its students through regionally recognised music programs and a substantial sporting record – your child will enjoy the extensive range of exercise facilities and playground features, engaged in a healthy lifestyle, instead of sitting inside on the computer.


Though they prize physical education, the faculty at Noosaville Primary engage classrooms with the latest technological teaching aids, encouraging participation across all learning levels. Every student is made to feel welcome, as the school is kitted out with a large Special Education Unit to offer support to students with disabilities, their parents and to throw away old taboos, creating a holistic environment.

Mooloolaba State School, Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba SS was established in 1933, providing one brick in the Sunshine Coast education foundation, trumpeting a proud history of excellence in the arts and early childhood education. The values passed down by the enterprising teaching staff is further espoused by their motto (Imagine, Create, Achieve) through their exciting curriculum and supportive environment.mooloolaba-state-school

Students are actively pushed to strive for higher learning, challenging personal bests and earning countless awards. Their accolades include the National Numeracy Award, National Literacy Award, and the Queensland Showcase Award for Excellence in Education.

Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Maroochydore

Stella Maris is an emotionally and intellectually stimulating environment, instilling a sense of justice, service and forgiveness in every student. The staff create a warm and welcoming vibe, promoting self-awareness, spirituality and motivational dialogue between parents and students. Their curriculum is progressive, rigorous and positive.

Choosing a school needs to be an informed decision based on what’s best for your child. With so many amazing Sunshine Coast Schools available, the right choice shouldn’t be too hard.

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