Swimming for a better Health – Mooloolaba Spring Swim

Here on the coast, a swim in the ocean is our everyday. Some however take it to a whole different level. Ocean swimming. Even those that don’t compete internationally, their lives can revolve around waiting for their next swim, or the next event that they can push themselves to complete, and that is what is all about. The challenge. It’s not about the accolades and sponsorships, it’s about striving to be better at something you’re passionate about. If this sounds like you, then you probably already know that the World Series Swims team is making their return this year to the Mooloolaba Beach to offer swimmers of all ages and levels the opportunity to test their floating metal this Saturday November 18th.

There are four divisions on offer this year of varying degree of difficulty and distance. The race itself will take a new format this year, starting just off shore in front of the Mooloolaba SLSC, swimming perpendicular to the shore, before a turnabout in the shallows of the peninsula and returning back to the race start location to complete a single lap. For the more sadistic, the marathoner swimmers, there is a 5km distance bracket that consists of two laps of the entire course. For the fitter swimmers who haven’t completely lost the plot, there is a 2.5km distance bracket that consists of a single lap of the course. For both of these longer brackets competitors may transition at the half waypoint of a lap for a breather and a check in, before returning to the water. Finally there is the 1.25km course that houses both an adult age bracket, and “Junior Giant” bracket for swimmers aged ten to sixteen. These two races consist of a single point-to-point swim from the Mooloolaba SLSC to the peninsula to complete the course. This is a great opportunity to try your hand at marathon ocean swimming if you’re just starting to get wet behind the ears in the sport.

Of course, it isn’t just about testing your skills and fitness out on the open water. This year competitors can register to swim for a good cause with The Kids’ Cancer Project to help raise vital funds that goes towards aiding sick kids and the incredibly harsh side effects that can develop from their chemotherapy, and radiation therapies. This incredible charity has raised literally tens of millions of dollars for their cause and continues to do their fantastic work this year by working alongside the World Series Swims team – and they need you.

For more information on the World Series Swim happening right here in Mooloolaba this November 18th, to sign up to raise some funds for The Kids’ Cancer Project, or to simply sponsor a friend, check out the official website for our Sunshine Coast event.

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