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This February, the Flame Hill Winery will be having their annual grape ‘Stomp’ event, and this year, it’s set to be bigger and better than ever before. Every summer this fantastic winery celebrates the end of a successful harvest and the bottling of a new vintage with a bang, or rather, a ‘Stomp’. Live entertainment, gourmet dining, fantastic wine, great people, and lots of grapes underfoot to squish always makes for a great time at Flame Hill Winery.

For those who haven’t experienced this celebration before, the obvious question is why ‘Stomp’? Well the ‘Stomp’ event is held yearly to celebrate a successful grape harvest at the Flame Hill Winery and includes plenty of amazing food. Grass fed Angus beef, local farm produce – poultry, eggs and game birds raised on site. They also put on some great live entertainment, and of course the highlight event, the grape stomping. For those who don’t bring a designated driver, there are limited, self- contained cottages available for up to 6 adults across three bedrooms each, so you can sleep off your post stomp stupor.

So we know there will be plenty of wine, but what will the food situation be like? Well the man in charge of the menu is the award winning, resident chef of Flame Hill’s own restaurant, Adam Lugg. Adam has more than earned his reputation as an incredible chef who tailors his renowned menus to suit the winery’s latest offerings, using the freshest produce and products reared on or near the winery itself. On the day there will be two options on offer: Al-fresco style dining on the terrace, or a multi- course dining experience in the Muscat Cellar, while overlooking the sea views and of course, the beautiful vineyard. There will be gluten-free and vegetarian options available, but numbers are limited – so if you’re keen, better get in quick.

Food, wine… now all we need is rock and roll, right? Well not quite. The live music will be a little more tasteful with the amazing ‘Swing Central’ band headlining the musical acts on the day. Swing Central is Brisbane’s most loved big band, jazz ensemble and is an incredible experience that goes down smoothly, accompanied by a crisp white, or seductive red in hand.

At the end of the day, you’ll be leaving with quite a buzz, and it won’t just be the wine talking. The ‘Stomp’ event at Flame Hill Winery never disappoints when promising a good time.

For more information on the event, as the date gets closer, keep tabs on the Flame Hill Winery Facebook page. To reserve your tickets, and possible hangover accommodation, visit the Flame Hill website.

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