South Queensland Caravan, Camping, Fishing & 4×4 Expo – 2019

The Sunshine Coast region, and its associated hinterlands, hosts some of the most breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders that this great country has to offer. Every holiday season people come from all around our great land, and sometimes ever further afield, to potter around and sleep under the stars – truly enjoying that which makes our region so special. Sometimes living and working here on the coast you forget exactly what lies beyond your front gate, local coffee shop and the two blocks you walk to the gym. It’s time we all had a reminder, and started breathing new life into those dreams of travel you once had – just you and the open road. The South Queensland Caravan, Camping, Fishing & 4×4 Expo returns this April 26th to the 28th to bring to you the things dreams are made of, and the opportunity to realise them.

Camping, Fishing & 4x4 Expo 2019

The wife and myself have long talked about how “One day” we’ll pack up in a caravan and go where we will, settling up camp under the stars and really enjoying our beautiful country once again, like we used to when we were young in the back of the old Kombi-Van. “One day” has been a long time coming, but hopefully this year we’ll find exactly what it is we’re looking for to spark this talk of realising our dreams into reality. We’ll be there, this October for the campers and caravan exhibitors, but for those still building their nests there’s plenty on offer as well. Personally, we’ll be beginning our visit with ModCon Campers. One of several featured Camper exhibitors, ModCon began life designing and building their creations right here in Queensland Capalaba and have gained a reputation for being innovative, and most importantly, rugged – designed for the Australian market. Since the company’s inception, they have pioneered and popularised many different designs that have taken the marketplace by storm, but none as strongly as the ‘Forward Folding’ camper that has since become arguably the most popular design available on the Australian market. TJM Maroochydore will be present at the show as well, offering their wealth of knowledge on 4×4 accessories, modifications and general 4×4 operation and safety. Of course, there’s plenty more of offer over the exhibition weekend to suit any getaway seeker’s fancy, or those simply looking to make life a little easier, and a little more luxurious.

Camping, Fishing & 4x4 Expo 2019

From Camper vans and caravans to boats, barbecues, pools and your business marketing needs – there’s something for everyone at the expo this year.

Camping, Fishing & 4x4 Expo 2019

For more information on the exhibitors and the expo itself, visit the website here and start living your dreams at home, or further afield.

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