Serious Beer Tasting – Noosa Craft Beer Festival 2018

Noosa Craft Beer Festival crowds and tents

Craft beer has become something of a cultural revolution for many, but what is it – past all the plaid shirts and lumberjack beards? This “food movement” of recent years has given rise to a number of smaller beer breweries around the country mixing up more traditional style beers focused on flavour and technique rather than simple quantity of brewing.

Crowd shot at the Noosa craft beer festival

According to the Brewers Association of the United States, a “craft brewery” is defined as “small, independent, and traditional”. The term “artisan” is often thrown around as well in association, and often times it’s true – some of our best beers are coming out of small backyard breweries with a passion for their craft, and we here on the Sunshine Coast love to celebrate it. This August 25th The Noosa Reef Hotel with play host to the 4th annual Noosa Craft Beer (and cider) Festival for 2018, and it’s set to be an unmissable afternoon stretching on into the early evening, before the after party for those looking to cut looser on the dance floor.

happy faces at the noosa craft beer festival

Gates will open at 12pm, signalling the start of this celebration of all thing craft beer and cider. With 20 different local and international breweries strutting their stuff all over your taste buds – choose from over 80 different brews and ciders, or try them all if you have the willpower. The day will also feature special guest speakers speaking on the subject of brewing, as well as a selection of international delicacies to sample from the food trucks; not the mention the live local entertainment throughout the day, with plenty of entertainment and activities to keep the kids happy and laughing while Mummy and Daddy have a drink or two.

For more information on the event, or to purchase your tickets, visit the event’s official facebook page. And get prepared to do some very serious beer sampling.

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