Open Cockpit Weekend at Qld Air Museum

So it’s almost that time that parents secretly dread. You got it. School holidays.

As long-time parents, my wife and I, have developed a strategy that has rarely let us down. Find and attend things that will wear the munchkins out! There is nothing quite as satisfying as to see kids not be able to stay awake at the end of a long day. The trick is to find interesting things for them to do that has more than its fair share of physical activity involved.

Case in point this weekend (July 7 & 8th) the Qld Air Museum is holding its Open Cockpit Weekend. The name alone has all the right triggers for wide-eyed kiddy excitement. Though I have to admit to being quite enthused by the opportunity to hop inside an F 111. If you have ever had to the opportunity to get close to one of these ‘Jet Fighters’ – you’ll know they are big. I’m talking really big. They make you feel like an ant standing beside one. I once was fortunate enough to take a walk around one at Amberley Airbase and now I get to sit in one. Woohoo!

I love the way the museum promotes it, they almost downplay the experience: ’Put yourself in the pilot’s seat at the Open Cockpit Weekend which is held on the middle weekend of the Queensland school holidays. As the name suggests, the cockpits of several aircraft are opened for public inspection. Museum visitors are invited to actually sit in the cockpits of selected aircraft including the iconic F-111. Some of the larger aircraft, for example, our 1937 vintage Douglas DC-3, are also opened up so that visitors can experience an aisle that goes uphill, sit in the cabin and see what air travel was like in days gone by.’

For the rest of us mere mortals — it’s a big rush.

So why not give our strategy a try and take the family out to the Qld Air Museum, it’s a breeze to get to as it’s just off Caloundra Road, at 7 Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra. Take a look at this map to use their shuttle bus.

There’s a family pass that will also get you a 10% discount at the museum’s Memorabilia Store. bargain time!

If you’d like some more information, check out the museum’s website.

Might even see you there.

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