Miss Muddy – The Ultimate Dirty Girl’s Day Out

Miss Muddy

Not quite what the guys are hoping for, but this event is truly the ultimate in a Dirty Girl’s Day Out. It’s an obstacle course fun run just for the girls, a kind of ‘Tough Mudder” only a little less serious, and a lot more fun, and of course, girls only. Miss Muddy is a female only obstacle and mud festival with a course of up to 5km for participants aged 13 years and over. It includes mud, colour, climbing, crawling, slipping, sliding and lots and lots of laughter. This un-timed obstacle course is all about women supporting women in a fun and non-threatening environment. It’s purely about fun with your friends and maybe pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and letting go while raising much needed funds for women related charities.

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So what’s involved? Just about everything to get you messy, dirty and laughing your ass off as you and your friends lose your footing and start looking more and more ridiculous. MUD It wouldn’t be Miss Muddy without lots and lots of mud. Get ready to get down and dirty because staying clean is not an option. We take great pride in our mud! COLOUR Something everyone looks forward to… a big bang followed by a colourful splat in the face and an awesome photo for you to remember the Miss Muddy colour cannons experience. FOAM The foam cannons are another favourite at every Miss Muddy event. Have the time of your life dancing in the foam and celebrating the day with your fellow Miss Muddies. CHARITY Miss Muddy donated over $140,000 to charity in 2014 alone. In addition to the donations we make to charity, we also encourage participants to conduct their own fundraising towards their chosen charities. So you’re not just getting down and dirty because you like it like that, it’s for a good cause too!

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Guys want to get involved? Volunteer! Anyone can volunteer to the Miss Muddy events, even guys, and as a volunteer you’re granted a free entry into the dedicated Volunteers Wave to run the course! This is the only way a male can run in the Miss Muddy. There’s a number of roles that need filling, from promotional work, to setting up the courses, packing up, helping with registration – you can even volunteer to dress up in the sumo suit at the finishing line to get bowled over as participants come to the end of their runs. There are many other positions that need filling as well, and there’s plenty of bonuses and perks involved, so if you’re interested check out the official volunteers page.

Miss Muddy Miss Muddy

The Sunshine Coast event will be hosted at the Big Pineapple in Nambour on Sunday, 9th August and registration is now open. Well, it’s been open for a while, the event opens registration well in advance, offering an early bird pricing of $75.50 to cover entry, insurance, booking fees and your finishing medal, but this closes ten weeks before the day of the event. Standard registration closes four weeks prior to the event day, costing $85.50 and for the last minute registers it will cost $95.50, closing just three days out from the event itself. It may seem steep, but considering the level of polish on the event, making sure everyone is covered if injured and making sure there is a sizable contribution to be made to the chosen charities is incredibly important. For more information on the event itself and to register, visit Miss Muddy and start limbering up for one heck of a fun run.

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