Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival – The definition of a feast of the senses.

Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

Music is one of those global things, a rare form of communication where you don’t need to know the subtext, the context or even what half the lyrics mean to understand what it is the artist is trying to say. From complex social and political rebellion to simply ‘chill out’, music can cover it all, and that’s why I love it dearly. It’s also one of the few art forms that literally everyone can find SOMETHING to like, something to bang their heads, stomp their feet and throw their fists in the air to, and festivals are where it all comes together. Friends, fans, music and a little taste of quirky visual art, just to make things interesting. This August, all these great things are going to be embodied in one full day of music festival fun with the Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival. Not the most exciting title, but the line up is sure to impress.

Harts at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

Regardless of whatever big name act they choose as the headline, the big stand out to me, is a young artist who goes by the name Harts. For those of you who haven’t heard of this young man, you’re in for one hell of a treat. Likened to Hendrix himself and praised by the one true Prince of rock and soul, Prince himself, this amazingly talented young man is a multi-instrumental, self producing, lyric and song writing bundle of ‘Oh good lord, YES!’ I only recently began exploring his Youtube channel, where he hosts all his music videos, both originals and covers, and have instantly become a fan, listening to anything and everything he’s done. His sound, while obviously influenced and akin to the glory that was Hendrix, is entirely its own and not just another ‘wanna-be’. His skill with each and every instrument and beautiful singing voice is absolutely stunning. He’s sure to be a star, and it will be an honour to watch him soar. Check out his Youtube channel and the rest of the line up of musical and visual artists.

Bertie Blackman at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

Now while there’s plenty of music and drink to be shared and enjoyed on the day, that’s not all this festival is about. A number of brilliantly creative visual artists will be exhibiting their works for your viewing pleasure around the festival, as well as being part of the festival itself. The stage will be decorated by Bertie Blackman daughter of famous artist Charles Blackman, and an ARIA winning singer/songwriter. Her creativity isn’t just limited to her beautiful music, she is an award-winning artist; ‘Her work weaves between the real and unreal; her profound imagination and narrative illuminates the characters and places of her unique universe’. And while all the great artists having their own input on the festival are sure to be absolutely amazing, it’s one artist’s work I’m particularly keen to see. Amanda Parer is an Australian artist gaining some serious renown for her work, having this particular installation piece featured around the world, from London, to Berlin and the MONA. Intrude is a series of massive, white inflatable rabbits, in various poses, made from a light weight fabric that allows the lights within to pass through, to create a breathtaking glow within the creatures that at night are simply stunning to behold.

Amanda Parer at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

With this amazing collection of artists of varying disciplines on display, this year’s Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival is set to be one hell of a ride. Things are set to kick off on the 22nd August, at the Horton Park Golf Course in Dalton Drive, Maroochydore. Limited early bird tickets ($69.90 + BF) are on sale 9am Wednesday, 27th May 2015 on the website and through all Oztix outlets. Doors open at 9.30am, and it is an eighteen plus event, sorry kids! Adult’s turn to play. For more information on the event visit the Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival official website. I’ll see the rockers among you there.

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