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Time Warp Festival - cars

After a hugely successful 2016, the Timewarp returns once again to transform the streets of Palmwoods. For the last few years, Margaret Street has played host, yearly, to a celebration of all things ‘Classic’ and ‘Rockabilly’ – from cars and bikes, to food and beer, and everything in-between. This April 29th , beginning from 10am, and with a roar of thunderous engines, the ground will shake, as thousands of bikers and hot-rodders alike descend upon the town and make it their own. So grab your best gal and drop by for 12 hours of the very best food, music, atmosphere and all things ‘Kustom Kulture’.Time Warp Festival girls

Time Warp Festival cars

The brainchild of the Rick’s Garage staff, the Timewarp festival was put together with one goal – to celebrate everything ‘Kustom Kulture’. As such, every year the festival hosts a number of fun and competitive contests to find the very best examples of custom cars, bikes and ‘Pin-Up’ girls – with a range of prizes up for grabs for the crowned victors. This year there’s a restriction being placed on applicable car entrants. In an effort to conserve the limited car parking, organisers have decided to restrict entrance to the era pre-1970, with careful consideration thereafter being taken to select only the very best examples of ‘Kustom Kulture’. On the other-hand, Bike entries are unrestricted and very strongly encouraged. Entries for the ‘Miss Timewarp’; competition are already closed, with the 10 hand picked, gorgeous finalists soon to be revealed. These finalists will face off on the day, before a crowning can be carried out in front of their adoring public.

Time Warp Festival - Miss Time Warp

Last year, thanks to the Timewarp festival, a crowd of over 7,000 people poured over Palmwoods on a given Sunday, with 10,000 projected to attend this year. This festival is growing fast, and for a good reason. With eight incredible live bands featured through the day, 5 tattoo artists setting up shop to ink you to your heart’s delight, 20 market stalls, and more than 300 custom cars and bikes to drool over – the girls too, although they might not appreciate a drooler – there’s nowhere I’d rather be. The festival was originally intended to be a promotional tool for the otherwise quiet, hinterland town of Palmwoods. The initiative has so far been incredibly successful in its mission, with all proceeds from the ‘gold coin’ donations and competition entry fees to be invested back into the town itself. Personally I adore the sleepy town of Palmwoods, especially with its yearly ‘Kustom Kulture’ twist, and I for one will certainly be putting in an appearance.

Time Warp Festival - Miss time warp 2016

For more info head to the Timewarp Festival website.

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