Let’s do the Time Warp Again – It’s Festival Time Folks!

Time Warp Festival cars

Bikes, Hot Rods, Beers, Beards and Babes – what more could you ask for in a perfect weekend on the Sunshine Coast?

Rockabilly style is once again making its presence known; thanks to the partnership between the Bearded Men of the Sunshine Coast and Rick’s Garage once again we have the opportunity to enjoy Time Warp Festival. Every year, hosted in the beautiful and otherwise serene Palmwoods Township, this festival celebrates all things retro and rockabilly, from Pinups to Hotrods, Beards, and Bikes. You won’t need your Delorean for this one ‘Doc’, just a gold coin donation at the gates this April 29th.

What is usually known as one of the most tranquil and peaceful locations on the Sunshine Coast, Palmwoods will be thumping to the thunder of over 200 revving engines (and that’s just the bikes) as the main street of Palmwoods is taken over by bikes, hotrods, stalls, music and fabulous food, with Rick’s as it’s centre stage.

Time Warp Festival  - cars

For those who are unaware of its existence, Rick’s Garage is a fantastic find, hidden away in the hills, a retro ‘American’ garage style diner with frosty milkshakes to die for and burgers that will make you blow your top. The diner itself screams rockabilly, with its walls and even the tables covered in memorabilia and murals that celebrate a time-gone-bye, and a frontage littered with classic Hotrods and seriously sweet rides. There’s also an actual car garage, but I’m more interested in their burgers and fries to be honest.

Time Warp Festival - Miss time warp 2016

So apart from looking at cars and bikes and filling your belly with burgers, fries, and frosty milkshakes, what else is going on at the Time Warp?

Time Warp Festival - Miss Time Warp

As always, there’s plenty on for everyone, with ‘Rockabilly’ style music around the clock and competitions with fabulous prizes and giveaways. The feature event, of course, is ‘Miss Time Warp 2017’, a competition in which your best gal can strut her stuff with other rockabilly pinup girls for a chance to take home the title. Of course, there’s competitions for best custom hotrod and bike, but to each their own.

Time Warp Festival  girls

The musical lineup itself is yet to be announced, set to be revealed on the 3rd March – keep an ear out and your eyes peeled for more information on the Festival’s Facebook page.

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