Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival – Moving to a Different Beat

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Jungle love is a boutique music and arts festival experience established in 2014 held in the picturesque Mary Valley Region in South East Queensland, deep within the Sunshine Coast’s breathtaking Hinterlands. The exact location is yet to be announced, currently a well guarded secret, unlike the unique lineup which is now listed in full on the official Jungle Love Festival website. Every act featured this year has been handpicked “for their ability to excite lovers of music and art, not because of where they sit on the charts”. Every year the soundtrack to this summer music festival is so unique and perfectly curated to create a one of a kind festival experience as you float through the grounds, dance the night away, or simply chilling out with friends under the stars – it truly is a unique and tranquil experience immersed in the beautiful natural atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. This November 29th until the 1st of December come along and experience the freedom that is the Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival.

At the heart of the Jungle Love Festival is one thing in particular – Love. Primarily for those around you, your fellow festival goers, but also the environment. Every year the festival’s organisers go to every effort to move towards a zero-waste festival experience to help ensure that the grounds on which the festival is held is left in as good of a condition as possible, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. The Festival itself is also run on a form of ‘Love’ – the love of its many volunteers without whom the festival would not exist. The money raised by each and every ticket goes straight back into the festival itself – being a commercially unviable event, every cent from ticket sales must go back into paying the acts, and the hiring of the vital equipment and facilities needed to run some an amazing festival experience. Without its volunteers, the Jungle Love Festival simply wouldn’t happen.

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Ticket sales themselves are heavily restricted and sell out at an incredible speed. Tickets are limited to just 2000 sales in order to keep the festival’s numbers at a manageable level, to ensure safety and comfort of all involved. For more information on the Festival lineup and ticket pricing visit the festival’s official website and start swinging to a jungle beat.

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