Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival – Hot and Heavy in the Jungle

A festival that doesn’t prescribe to any one singular musical scene – Jungle Love is a festival that prides itself on creating a unique atmosphere and line up of artists and musicians that you probably haven’t heard of before, but are sure to enjoy.

Celebrating its fourth birthday this year, the Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival is happening between November 30 until December 2 and set to be bigger and better than ever before. Featuring a set list of more than 50 different acts across three massive nights on four separate stages, sprinkled with some art installations and displays of incredible talent and skill. Acting more as a surreal wonderland than a music festival, every part of Jungle Love has been meticulously pored over to provide a liberating and immersive experience for all attendees. The festival grounds provide
a luscious campsite nestled under a breezy canopy of trees, surrounded by a freshwater stream. This is your backdrop, and the incredible music is the soundtrack, to a weekend you will not soon forget.

It isn’t all about the music though. One of the biggest draws of the Jungle Love festival is undoubtedly its accepting and relaxed atmosphere. As you’d expect from a festival with ‘Love’ in its name, this year there is an emphasis on celebrating just that – love. This year, the most devoted on Jungle Lovers can have a (unofficially) ceremony at the on site chapel – The Sanctuary of Seduction. In addition, the tradition of the free pushbikes for those with tired and sore feet continues, but this year with a little twist. The bikes themselves will get a new coat of paint so that they will be sporting the iconic rainbow colours of LGBQTI+ pride to show the festival’s endorsement of acceptance and equality. Furthering the theme of love, there is also an increased push from festival organisers to reduce the environmental impact of the event. This year there will be a professionally managed recycling program to hand sort and deliver recyclable trash from the event, as well as a push to encourage all attendees to car-pool, and take other steps to reduce their own carbon footprints.

The tree-top-tree-house bar will be making its return this year to serve up a birds-eye-view of all the happenings with a side of a cool beverage to re-hydrate those brave enough to face such heights. In addition to the tree-house bar, there will also be a handful of other bars on site, along with a large selection of non-traditional festival food. Unfortunately for those hankering for a Dagwood Dog, the festival has made a conscious effort to raise the bar and offer culinary experiences that your taste buds and stomachs will be very thankful for. Of course, you can always just bring your own food and wine, if you’re a little more money conscious, or particularly picky. So come celebrate life, celebrate music, celebrate creativity and celebrate friendship. Float in the creek with a beer, discover your new favourite band and meet your new best mates. The Jungle Love community awaits.

For more information, visit the Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival’s website.

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