I Want To Ride My Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle – The Noosa Classic 2018

2018 has already been a massive year for the Sunshine Coast, with new sporting and entertainment events being organised month on month – and theres no stopping us now, we’re having a ball. With such amazing scenery, and so many actively and lovely locals how could we not enjoy getting out in the sun together – especially when two wheels get involved. Just a short drive from Maroochydore, Noosa is a superb location for a brand new bicycle road racing event – thanks to Bicycling Australia, that is now a reality. Queensland’s burgeoning cycling culture is well known and respected and the state is a leader in hosting quality cycling events and generally encouraging and supporting cyclists. The Noosa Classic, Bicycling Australia’s latest event, will surely be a bike ride to remember, but also a classic Australian experience, featuring a feast of visual and gourmet delights. So gather your cycling mates, get yourselves ready, and mark Sunday 26 August 2018 down on your calendar.

Noosa Classic Road Race 2018

Noosa Classic Road Race 2018

Make your choice from three courses: The Maxi Classic is a challenging 160km ride through some of the most breathtaking scenery you can experience on two wheels but is designed for those with the stamina to compete. There’s also The Challenge Classic; a 120km option for those with less time on their hands, or distance in their legs, but still offers a great course to get your blood pumping. For a more cruisy and casual experience, The Social Classic is a 45km ride through the most stunning areas of the Noosa region that families and kids will love. Taking part in such a special community event as this is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience and one which we will all value greatly, but recognising that others may not be so fortunate as to be able to take part, Bicycling Australia wanted to give riders an opportunity to support a charity they are passionate about. In a departure from most cycling events that are single cause, Noosa Classic riders will have the freedom to choose their own charity to contribute towards via the event.

Noosa Classic Bicycling Australia

For those wanting to make a difference that goes the distance, teams and individuals may use the tools provided by Bicycling Australia on the event’s webpage to create a fundraising page – allowing the riders to personalise their page with information and pictures to give potential donors some context to their cause. So if riding is in your blood, or if you just want to do something good for the world, make sure to sign up early and starting training, and advertising – every dollar really can make the world of difference.

For more information, or to sign up, visit the Noosa Classic event page and I’ll see you at the starting line.

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