Cross Triathlons – Push it to the Limit

The image of the coast is a pretty fit one. Lots of athletic people, jogging along the beach with surfboards under their arms – but that’s not the be all and end all. Here on the Sunshine Coast, we have some of the most stunning hinterland, with some amazing tracks winding through the trees, swamped in the best coastal views Australia has to offer. Now it’s time to showcase it, and take advantage of our natural gifts with the 2017 Australian Cross Triathlon National and Queensland State Championships and Multi-sport Festival from 11th to 12th of February 2017.

So what is the 2017 Australian Cross Triathlon National and Queensland State Championships and Multisport Festival, other than a mouthful? It’ two days of dirty, bush bashing fun with races and tracks for competitors of all levels and ages. The event itself is part of the Triathlon Queensland Nissan State series and will additionally take on the role of a qualifying race for the 2017 world championship in Canada later this year, as well as the Queensland State Championships. In addition to these professional level races, there are plenty of options for hobbyists and those wanting to try their hand at such an incredible test of human fortitude.

The main event is the TreX Xtri event, encompassing four different age groupings for competitors. First, the Xtri Championship Standard for sixteen years and older: this race consists of a fifteen-hundred meter swim, thirty kilometre mountain bike ride, followed by a ten and a half kilometre run. This is, of course, the most difficult and challenging of the events and will push its competitors to the brink.

For those looking for an easier challenge, there is the TreX Sprint X-Tri event for fourteen years and older: this race consists of a four-hundred meter swim, ten kilometre mountain bike ride, followed by the three and a half kilometre run to the finish. For younger competitors there are two options: For twelve to fifteen year olds there is the TreX Junior X-Tri, and the Dirt kids X-Tri for seven to eleven year olds. On offer over the two days of the festival, there are a number of trail run and ride competitions, but for the truly insane there is the Dirt Masters/Mistress’ event.

The Dirt Masters encompasses three age groups. First up, the sixteen years and older: these competitors must complete the Xtri Championship triathlon on the Saturday morning, followed by the eight kilometre trail fun run in the afternoon, before the final 50km XC Mountain Bike Festival ride on the Sunday Morning. There are also options for 14 years and over with shorter distances, and for twelve to fifteen year olds: any competitors who finish all three events are awarded with the Dirt Master/Mistress title, a finisher’s medallion, and will be inducted into the Dirt Master’s Hall of Fame.

If you have the gumption and drive, I highly urge you to take part, if not for glory, for the opportunity to push yourself and see what you’re made of, while examining what our beautiful Hinterland is made of.

For more information, to register and to study the trail maps, visit the Trextriathalon website.

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