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Australia Day; the holiday that marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet on Australian shores. On this day we celebrate all that defines the Australian people: sun, family and friends. Everyone celebrates Australia Day differently, there’s no set formula. If you want to eat copious amounts of curry and drink some beers with your best mates, then power to you. If you want to invite over all five generations of your family, nine of your closest friends and have a giant feast of pasta plus roasts of seven different beasts inside each other, then go ahead, that’s as Australian as anything else. But if you’re looking for the essence of Australian nonsense, then look no further than the Australia Day celebrations at Aussie World.

For those who aren’t big fans of theme parks, or maybe haven’t been residents of Queensland for very long, Aussie World is a privately owned theme park, designed for the whole family, with over thirty different rides and attractions on offer. They recently spent over two million dollars in refurbishments and development, adding four new attractions to the site. It has become one of the Sunshine Coast’s premiere attractions, and over the years has become an icon of the coast, with its striking and somewhat aesthetically abstract version of a classic country Aussie pub, the Ettamoga Pub, marking its gates and wide variety of Aussie themed rides and attractions.


The Australia Day celebrations at Aussie world have become somewhat of a tradition for locals, with something for everyone; from the classic car meet, to the fun and games taking place throughout the day. The most popular would have to be the infamous Dunny races. In these events teams will push, pull and ride in mobile outhouses in a race against each other to be crowned the fastest dunny in Queensland. Or if racing isn’t your cup of tea there’s always the Mullet and Thong throwing events. In these games of skill and throwing ability, participants will do exactly what you’re imagining; pelt, lob, launch and hurl Thongs and Mullets as hard and far as they can to prove themselves to be the ‘best flinger’ of the bunch. There will also be live music, tug of war, roast lunches, Cooee calling, keg lifting, pie eating competitions, ‘Aussie Style Best Dressed’ competitions, raffles and plenty more for the adults. As for the little ones, there’s a full array of activities for them as well. Starting at ten-thirty there’s a kids Thong throwing, Hula Hoop, ball tossing, Quoits throwing, red back throwing and watermelon eating competitions, as well as a best dressed heat, just for the kids. For the Car nuts amongst you, there’s a Classic Car meet and contest to partake in as well, or just simply enjoy viewing some rare and iconic cars of old.

For the thrill seekers the rides in the park themselves will of course be operational. There’s the Ballroom Blitz – ‘Ballroom Blitz, Aussie World’s latest ride appears calm, however when operational you soar 15 metres in the air. The ride carries 48 passengers and with your legs hanging, the spin begins. Unlike traditional chairoplane rides, the wave swinger spins, rocks and swings you at a pace not for the faint hearted’. For those who don’t mind a dizzying head spin there’s the new Redback – ‘Redback is often voted our most thrilling ride! It seats 24 people, is an impressive 16 metres in height and has clockwise and anticlockwise circular rotations on a platform with outward facing seats. Watch out, it’s got bite!’ And when that’s all over, and you’re hot and bothered and tired of that typical blistering Australian summer sun, cool off with the Leak’n Logs – ‘Leak’n Logs is a water play area that features a walk-through mist shed sitting underneath a leaky corrugated iron water tank, random tipping buckets, intermittent and continuous showers, an outback log waterfall, irregular dancing water jets and a tin shed that inside emulates a typical Queensland electrical storm complete with thunder, wind, lighting and rain’. All and all the Australia Day celebrations at Aussie world have something for everyone, for more information on the day, visit their events page here.

For those interested in more information on Aussie world itself and its amazing rides and attractions, visit their official site.

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