And now for something completely different, Aussies to take on Kiwis at Coolum Beach.


As Australians there’s nothing better than watching an Aussie Kiwis stouch! No matter what it is, any kind of match up will do, however this one is a little different as it is happening right in our own backyard. Coolum Beach to be exact.

Enter the King Of Coolum Thundercats Race. A partnership between, Coolum Business & Tourism and Brisbane Coast Thundercats has enabled the presentation of the second Annual ‘King of Coolum’ Thundercats Race to be held over a grueling two days on July 12-13. Teams from around Australia and indeed from across the ‘ditch’ will take to Coolum’s main beach to battle it out for the right to be crowned ‘King of Coolum’.

If the first event is anything to go by it promises to be an epic tournament as the teams take to the surf for some wave jumping high-octane action. Last year, 14 Thundercats contested the event, 9 A Grade and 5 B Grade with four crews coming over from NZ to compete. The racing was highly competitive and provided the shiploads of thrills and spills.

The Thundercat craft of choice is the 4.1 metre inflatable catamaran style surfboats (think extreme Inflatable Rescue Boasts IRB’s), powered by standardised 50hp outboards. These fiery little weapons are designed specifically for surf action reaching speeds of up to 90 km per hour just off the beach, in surf up to 5 metres and wind speeds up to 45 knots. The hi-jackers (let’s call them ‘fins’) under the inflatable hull give incredible traction in the water; enabling really high cornering speeds where those on board can be exposed to forces over 2Gs. The surf is their ramp, and they use it well jumping up to six metres into the air!

Thundercat Racing is an internationally governed sport that limits its race craft performance to keep the racing on a knife’s edge. It’s definitely not about who can spend the most money to win an event.  Hulls and motors are restricted to out of the box equipment.  A brand new hull, motor, and all the equipment to race are priced to make this an incredibly affordable sport for anyone.  Thundercat racing is all about fun, fair competition and safety.

It’s a very much a community orientated event for all the family as each boat is sponsored by a local Coolum business and the race will be called on the beach. Down on the beach you’ll be right in the thick of it.

So if you’d like the opportunity to see an Aussie crew take out the crown, come the weekend of July 12 & 13 set course for Coolum Beach and grab yourself and your family a front row seat for all the action that is bound to take place. Race action commences at 9am and runs through till 3pm.

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