Adventuring Mecca – Sunshine Coast Home Show + Caravanning, Camping & Boating Expo

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The coast’s foremost home and lifestyle expo – the Home Show – plus Caravan, Camping and Boating Expo, is back once again with some very exciting exhibitions, prizes and entertainment on offer. This event is a massive shopping occasion for the Coast and gets bigger and better every year. This time around we’ll see an extensive range of home and lifestyle products on display; including building, renovating, green living, home improvements, homeware, kitchenware, electrical goods, pools, spas, finance tips, gardening and a whole lot more. From the 21st to the 23rd October, only, at the Kawana Sports Precinct.

Sunshine coast home show - boating

As the adventuring type, the dryer parts of our amazing collection of landscapes that we call Australia intrigue me greatly. Only problem being – water. Kind of need it for the whole living thing. Water storage and water filtration are both incredibly important factors of adventure that most don’t properly consider. Too often I’ve seen beautiful camping areas literally peppered with what seemed like hundreds of plastic water bottles. There is a better way. Healthy Water Technologies Australia will be exhibiting at the Home Show this year, bringing along with them their amazing range of products that provide the very best quality water for taste, health, hydration, irrigation and bathing. Rigorous testing and quality control methods ensure that only the very best performing, environmentally conscious products are selected by Healthy Water Technologies Australia for on going manufacture and distribution. Don’t be an adventure amateur; sort out your water solutions this year, at the expo.

Healthy Water Technologies Australia

Much of the time, when you see a camping trailer or a caravan, it’s either struggling over a slight incline, a clump of dirt or a small pebble. Unfortunately, Australia is almost entirely covered with dirt, rocks and slight to steep inclines – at least, where the good stuff is anyway. If you’re going to spend your twilight years touring Australia in a box on wheels, get the right box for the job. Jawa Offroad Camper Trailers are not only Australian owned and manufactured, they’re purposely designed to tackle the harsh climate and geography of our fantastic country that you must traverse in order to fully experience the true extreme off-road camping experience. Their exhibition at this year’s show is set to be quite comprehensive, with loads of information on their range, as well as a few show trailers to give you a proper look inside and out. For a ‘ridgee-didge’ camper designed for Australia – you’ll need a ticket for this year’s expo.

Jawa Camper trailer

With many more exhibitions spanning the full spectrum of homewares, cares and wares-care, there’s plenty to see at this year’s show, not to mention the exciting line up of prizes and competitions operating throughout the day. This year’s show is set to be one of legend for those looking to improve their home, or their adventuring toolkit – so whatever lifestyle you’re after, you’ll find something at the expo this year.

Sunshine coast home show - kayaks

For more information, visit the Sunshine Coast Home Show website.

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