Burgers to Go… Wild About!


Out and about checking out the massive Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, we ran into a friend of ours Scott. After catching up with all that’s been happening of late, we mentioned that we were on the hunt for somewhere interesting, but quick for lunch. Immediately, the suggestion came loud and clear – ‘Check out Hello Harry’s’. There was a glint in Scott’s eye as he regaled us of his recent visit to what was a primarily a ‘burger joint’. We were hooked. A quick spin down to Ocean Street, Maroochydore saw my wife, our 19-year-old son and myself standing before Hello Harry’s Burger Joint. An unassuming, though funky place that spilled out onto the street, Hello Harry’s got more and more interesting the longer you looked into its welcoming interior.

Certainly, Harry’s was popular as the place was a hive of activity with people coming and going as waitresses made sure that the tables were cleaned and prepped for the next group of eager diners.

We ventured in and found a table toward the back where we had a commanding view of all that was going on. The table was tight but comfortable, a random mix of chairs completed the setting; a small gathering of fiery condiments adorned the centre of the table along with a menu and a roll of paper towels in preparation for a saucy aftermath no doubt.

It’s great to see a place like this in full swing. All manner of people, from families to teens to couples, all mingling together, it really gave the place a great, fun vibe. Bordering on recycled the décor had obviously been put together with an adept eye for style and a determination for its bold funky statement.


The menu was highly intriguing and likewise tempting as it carefully promoted Harry’s ‘House Made’ selections and toppings. Even the buns were being baked in house by the looks as large stainless steel trollies were being used to move them into the very busy open kitchen. The burger offerings were the likes of a Wagyu Beef Patty, Pulled Lamb or Pork, of course there were the obligatory chicken but with this one had a twist. Thai Chicken Lime Chili & Peanuts! From what we could see of other diner’s meals it all looked very wholesome. Toppings too were way more exotic than the mainstream burgers of today. And of course there were delicious hot and salty chips and deep fried onion rings, however we managed to pass on those.

Our choices came down to the Pulled Pork and two the Pulled Lamb burgers and refreshing ale with our teen opting for the Salted Caramel Milkshake.

The taste? Sensational! The service? Very fast, in a great and friendly way, we didn’t feel hurried at all, Hello Harry is just a very efficiently run restaurant. It will be certainly become a favourite for weekend lunch or dinner for our crew. You too should try it.

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