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  • The Biggest and The Best Noosa Triathlon Multi-Sport Festival

    The Noosa Triathlon Multi-Sport Festival is returning once again this year to push you cardio-crazies to your breaking point, and possibly further, as the holder of the title of the world’s largest Triathlon event. For some, it’s all about vanity, for others, pushing their bodies to the limit of human endurance. It’s not just insanity, […]

  • The Beating Heart of the Industry – Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival

    Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival

    The Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival will this year be returning for its 12th year of celebrating cinematography. Since its inception, the festival’s mission has been to give a stage to only the best of the best short films from around the world that encapsulate what it is to touch audiences emotionally through […]

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  • Man Vs Wild – Radical Reel Film Tour 2019

    For many Australians, mountainous extreme sports like snowboarding, and scaling icy mountains is a pretty far fetched idea. Sure we have a few snowy mountains down south, but it really cannot hold a candle to what the wider world has to offer when it comes to dizzying peaks and the adrenaline surging, death-defying activities that […]

  • Noosa Swim 2020

    Preparation is key. Especially when it comes to endurance sports. Early next year, February 1st and 2nd to be exact, the Noosa Summer Swim will be held to put all you avid swimmers out there to the test, all in the name of Charity. This mammoth endurance swimming event has grown this year to include […]

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    • Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival
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