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  • Weekend at the Markets – Spoilt for Choice

    eumundi markets

    Despite what many may believe, for much of human history, your local grocery store didn’t actually exist. If you wanted food you had to go to the street market stalls and trade. Without a big company like Woolies or Coles to play middle man, many deals could be struck between vendor and customer. Unfortunately, you […]

  • Add Some Bite – Ignite Chilli Festival

    Chilli Festival

    Looking for something to spice up your life? How about literal spice? For many people, chilli is polarising – you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of your personal feelings on the touchy subject, chilli has some amazing health benefits and can really make the difference to your cooking. For some people in […]

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  • Blackall100 running

    The Blackall range is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural ecosystems that make up our beautiful landscape here on the Sunshine Coast. It dominates out hinterland, stretching across our horizons from just west of Nambour, through Mapleton, Maleny, and Flaxton hemming us in snugly against our coastline. It’s an incredible area filled with […]

  • noosa areal

    Exercise is, unfortunately, a very integral part of a healthy lifestyle for us humans. Apparently, that means more than the occasional walk to and from the fridge, as I am so very accustomed to. On the other end of the spectrum is a grouping of incredible, masochistic humans who live for their running, swimming, or […]

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