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  • Wheely Fun – The Big Beach Ride 2019

    Wheely Fun_The Big Beach Ride 2019

    Cycling is one of the most freeing activities you can take part in – personally I prefer my two wheels with an engine between, but to each their own. Everywhere you go here on the coast you’ll see locals and visitors alike getting around in their Lycra and helmets, and it’s easy to see why […]

  • 100 Years of Tradition – Kenilworth Show & Rodeo 2019

    100 Years of Tradition

    For 100 years the Kenilworth Show has brought together the Sunshine Coast with its rustic and authentic atmosphere as a celebration of all things fair dink-um. 2019 will be the centenary of the first Kenilworth Show.

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  • Noosa Hill Climb 2019

    In 1897 in a small, little known town in the South-East of France, one of the oldest forms of Motorsport was invented. Hill Climbing, otherwise known as Speed Hill Climbing, is a race against the clock on a mountain road – the racer with the fastest time being crowned champion. There are many famous races […]

  • Left of Center

    Offbeat Music Festival is a fresh face here on the Sunshine Coast and its inaugural kick-off begins noon Saturday, 2nd of November. Hosted by The Imperial Hotel Eumundi, this event is something a little peculiar, a little left of center, and a whole lot of fun. Offbeat promises to bring together a vibrant community of […]

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    • Wheely Fun_The Big Beach Ride 2019
    • 100 Years of Tradition
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