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  • Drink Yourself Smarter – A Pint Of Science

    Drink Yourself Smarter

    Ever wanted to learn more about the various worlds of science, but felt it needed more beer? Well, strangely specific request, but have I got the answer for you! This May 20th-22nd, cities around the world will be hosting “A Pint Of Science” – the international science festival bent on spreading knowledge, with a side […]

  • Popping Bubbles and Bubbly – POP! Art, Bubbles and Canapés

    Art, bubbles and Canapés

    Peter Phillips, born in Birmingham England in 1939, is one of the preeminent British Pop Artists of our time. His work ranges from oils on canvas to multi-media compositions and collages. Vibrant in colour and filled with borrowed iconography of images drawn from daily life, Peter’s work appeals to the spectator’s memory, elevates curiosity and […]

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  • Sticking Out Like A Sore Green Thumb

    Queensland Garden Expo is a ‘must see’ in 2019 for green thumbs and novice gardeners alike. Held in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Nambour from 12th to 14th July, this three-day expo is Queensland’s premier gardening event attracting 40,000 + visitors from all over Australia and New Zealand. Some of Australia’s leading Gardening experts […]

  • An Air Of Change

    In 1974 the United Nations announced World Environment Day (WED) a day to platform, celebrate and encourage efforts to help preserve, protect and renew our planet. Since 1979 we here on the Sunshine Coast have made sure to do our part by holding an annual World Environment Day – a day where we as a […]

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