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  • A Lovely “Hum” – Ignite Chilli Festival

    Chilli Festival

    Spice is an incredible thing. It adds an incredible dimension to food that you’ll either become addicted to or avoid at all costs. Chilli, in particular, is very polarising – you love it or you hate it. Regardless of your personal feelings on the touchy subject, chilli has some amazing health benefits and can really […]

  • Endurance Test To Beat The Rest – The Blackall100

    Blackall100 running

    The Blackall range is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural ecosystems that make up our beautiful landscape here on the Sunshine Coast. It dominates out hinterland, stretching across our horizons from just west of Nambour, through Mapleton, Maleny, and Flaxton hemming us in snugly against our coastline. It’s an incredible area filled with […]

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  • Eumundi Christmas Markets

    If your family is anything like mine, buying Christmas presents can be a nightmare – how do you buy presents for someone who seemingly has it all? Sometimes you luck out and find a little something special amongst the noise that suits a certain someone difficult on your Christmas list down to a T. I’ve […]

  • Noosa Regional Gallery Workshops

    The Noosa Regional Gallery is a spectacular space showcasing the talents of amazing and diverse, contemporary artists of both local, national and international success and origins. Not only does it rank as one of Australia’s best contemporary art galleries, but it also plays host to workshops and classes designed to bring the artist in us […]

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