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  • Whale One Tours – Whale Sightings Guaranteed

    Whale Watching

    From around the world, every year, every season, animal lovers from around the world flock to Australia, and the Sunshine Coast in particular for one reason – Whales. We have some of the absolute best whale watching experiences as literally thousands and thousands of different species of whales coast right on past us year on […]

  • Hastings Set To Strut Its Stuff – Noosa Alive Maze Art Street Village

    Maze Art Street Village

    Hastings Street in Noosa is often the focal point for a lot of the Sunshine Coast’s Entertainment Calendar, and this July it will be showing us all just why this is with a fantastic offering to fill your weekend with. From July 27th-29th, the laneway next to Rococo Noosa will be transformed into a colourful, […]

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  • happy faces at the noosa craft beer festival

    Craft beer has become something of a cultural revolution for many, but what is it – past all the plaid shirts and lumberjack beards? This “food movement” of recent years has given rise to a number of smaller beer breweries around the country mixing up more traditional style beers focused on flavour and technique rather […]

  • Living Universe is an interstellar adventure

    One of my favourite parts of the Sunshine Coast is just how clear my night-skies really can be. As a bit of a stargazer myself, there really isn’t anywhere better to chill out under the stars than along our beaches and coastlines, or deep into the hinterland where the land rises up high, and the […]

    • circus rio performers with kids
    • Whale Watching
    • Maze Art Street Village