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  • True Australian Country – Woodford Didgeridoo Festival

    Woodford is a little town that has had a role to play in putting the Sunshine Coast on Australia’s Musical and Cultural map. Woodford is best know for its yearly Folk Festival that has become something of Australia’s answer to Woodstock – a celebration of freedom of expression and cool music. But of course Woodford […]

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  • Noosa Classic Bicycling Australia

    2018 has already been a massive year for the Sunshine Coast, with new sporting and entertainment events being organised month on month – and theres no stopping us now, we’re having a ball. With such amazing scenery, and so many actively and lovely locals how could we not enjoy getting out in the sun together […]

  • Australian Art is incredibly unique, as unique as it’s melting pot of cultures, and the sun burnt soil that inspires it all. Since Australia’s first peoples began painting on themselves and their land, Australia has produced amazing artists and works of art. From traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works, to incredible modern installation pieces, […]

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